Consulting is quite often confused with “let’s hire someone who does the job we don’t want to do”. I haven’t heard anything wronger! This is the best way to waste money.

Consulting is about hiring someone who already know how to solve your problem or how to increase value, simply because Consultants are specialists (or subject matter expert), not involved into day by day operation as CXOs are, constantly focused on a continous learning mood.

My Consulting approach is straightforward and transparent:

  • The Client and I, review the project brief in detail to see if I can really add value and get the Client’s objective quickly. If it is not in my capacity I usually suggest best fitting colleagues
  • I write down a detailed project plan, share with the Client and agree the milestones that need to be hit by the Client (e.g. documents availablility) and by myself (e.g. interviews, draft or final deliverables availability)
  • I sketch a strow man of the deliverable(s) we agreed to produce, share with Client, and start feeding content afterwards
  • I have two/five meetings a week (to gather comments and feedback) with the Client to make sure we are always aligned toward the deliverable(s) I am producing
  • Before the project ends, the final deliverable(s) is (are) reviewed constantly by the Client and I, in order to avoid useless reworks (reworks are actually time and money wasting), then the final deliverable(s) is (are) released to the Client

My Consulting engagements occurs in each development stage of companies, each of them with singular characteristics and duties. These companies’ stages are: startup, growth, transformation.

Activies I can help with:

Start Up Growth Transformation
From business idea to business planning Strategic and Marketing planning Business Development
Start Up bootstrapping and operations Go-to-market definition Cost transformation and optimization
Strategic and Marketing planning New Products development Processes enhancement
Fund raising Business Development Corporate Governance

Contact me to discuss about how we can work toghether to create value.


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