Types of business growth

This Digital Space come to life aiming at sharing with friends, colleagues, clients, prospect clients, and why not coopetitors, thoughts, hints and insights on how to create value for newly born startup (or eventually yet to come) and well established companies (rather than troubled companies).

Anyone who stops here, might have up to three questions (even more). I am on the battle ground since 1989, I might have your three answers (even more)…

I am providing Services to my Clients and I am happy to disccuss with Prospects on how I can help getting things done.

Usually I am asked for: structuring business plans, starting up businesses, boosting companies’ performances, fixing things that are not working in companies.

In other words, I am offering Professional Services such as:

  • Consulting
  • Temporary or interim management
  • Training

Have a look at my Web Site, my Blog area, my Social Media stuffs, and if you feel that i can help, don’t hesitate to contact me.

I will be more than happy to discuss on how I can create real value for your venture or your company.

My professional and academic background

  • Specialist in starting up businesses, growing companies, transforming companies
  • CEO in 3 startups (ecommerce, fashion, family services)
  • 7 years in management consulting at Accenture
  • 5 years in technology consulting at Accenture
  • MBA in March 2005, LUISS Rome
  • Bachelor in Engineering in April 1998, University of Salerno

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